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Promoting a National Shift to Cancer Risk Reduction (Prevention and Early Detection)

CHALLENGE:  The acute care centered health care delivery system does not have the resources or incentives to foster the optimal utilization of evidence based cancer prevention and early detection services. Despite the fact that about half of all cancer cases are preventable by changes in tobacco use, nutrition, exercise, and screening, the country’s energy and attention remains focused largely on the treatment of disease rather than a more balanced focus that includes adherence to well proven prevention and early detection measures.

SHARED GOAL:  Cut cancer deaths in half by implementing a long term and sustained national strategy that motivates U.S leaders and the public to take the steps necessary to prioritize and implement cancer risk reduction. 

Multi-sector Approach:         
  • Build a bold, new, powerful, sustained, and consistent education and advocacy campaign to reach the public and policy makers for the purpose of driving science based changes that will reduce the risk of cancer in the Nation.
  • Engage the Nation’s public opinion leaders to support and advocate for policies and programs leading to major national improvements in reducing the risk of cancer in the Nation.
What is essential to cancer risk reduction?  C-Change Risk-Reduction Platform          

Coordinated Actions: Federal Funding for Prevention            
C-Change believes that the federal government must make substantial annual investments in cancer risk reduction efforts, and these investment amounts should be no less than the current level, new funds should not be used to replace existing risk reduction efforts, and funds should not be delayed in their commitment and implementation. Learn more.  

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Advisory Committee Chair:
Matthew L. Myers, JD

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