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Based upon C-Change underlying principles, invest in initiatives that:
1. Hold significant potential to impact incidence, mortality, morbidity, survival, and/or quality of life
2. Depend upon access to 3 sectors for development and dissemination
3. Fill a consensus need/gap or accelerates effort significantly
4. Are unlikely to be addressed or resolved in a timely manner without C-Change leadership
5. Hold broad resonance / appeal across membership
6. Represent leadership consensus that project strategy and tactics are likely to achieve results
7. Prior to launch, have aligned member commitment including leadership, time, expertise, in kind, and/or funding
8. Have well-defined scope and measurable outcomes that are able to be expressed when achieved as “the societal benefit is…”
9. Possess a defined exit strategy – endpoint, launch, or transition point during development, dissemination, or sustaining phases
10. Results in a clear call to action to members, to member constituents, to states, tribes, territories, policy and decision makers, and/or other stakeholders